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Sodexo Food Pass

The only means of delivery of meals to employees that provide access to various merchants, ranging from food street to hypermarket and facilities.

Meal vouchers Sodexo Food Pass is a system for employees that help companies simplify the process of organizing corporate foodservice, create a unified system of foodservice for all the employees, make it possible for the personnel to choose meal themselves. An employee who receives such voucher can use it as a payment for his meal at any vendors that are partners of Sodexo's network.

The Area Network
Forget concerns when migrating to food voucher system Sodexo Food Pass. Sodexo's professional team will do a variety of merchant crawl around the workplace as the location of some merchants who have joined.

Meal benefits that helps improving the competitiveness of enterprises and institutions
Food benefits provision is the most widespread and common requirement in employee benefits. Sodexo Food Pass differentiate companies in giving food benefits in the eye of employees and new talents.

Key Factors for Employees
Most of employees still believe that one of the key factors that influenced them to stay in their current company is that they are granted a monthly meal allowance.

Efficient Meal Time
With the Food Pass, employees can take a beneficial break at meal time, have a good and balanced meal, relax and return to work on time, refreshed and full of energy.

Cost Effective
Employee benefits should be allocated separately from staff salaries, and the performance of organizations is not just influenced by their salaries, but also by their welfare and benefits.




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